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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Jainson Cables is looking for the post of:

Sales Executive for Gujarat territory.
Exp.: 1 - 2 years minimum

Interested Candidates should submit their resume at:


Monday, 16 April 2012

Building Wires UP TO 1100 V

Features of “JANSON” Flexible Cables ( FR/ FRLS/ ZHFR)
PVC Insulated cable 
PVC Insulated cable
·         High flame retardant properties
·         Excellent resistant to moisture, abrasion, grace, oil
·         Longer Flex Life
·         Excellent mechanical & electrical properties
·         Tested by SGS, EIL, RITES, NPC, INTERTEK
·         Steam and boiling water resistant

·      Better Flame retardant property
·      Less Halogen acid gas Evolution
·      Resistant to tarnishing of copper
·      Excellent resistant to moisture, abrasion, grace, oil
·      Excellent mechanical & electrical properties

·      Zero Halogen acid gas Evolution
·      Non corrosive and non toxic insulation
·      High temperature resistant insulation
·      Resistance to tarnishing of copper

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wlcome to jainson Submersible Pump cables

 The only Trusted one
In Submersible Pump cable

Jainson is a leading manufacturer and exporters of submersible pump cables, borehole pump cable, bore well pump cable, sewage pump cables, flexible cable & welding cables.